Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"This is a funny book. It's about question marksI made it at school in the first grade." By Jonah
"Those are bad foods; icecream cone and a chocolate bar with m&m's on it. Those are healthy foods; rice and carrots" by Chloe

Robot Art by Jonah

"It's a robot the dots are shock absorbers and the little camera shaped head is a shock shooter. And there is a claw and a blade and the feet are like those things on bulldosers."
A wonderful painting of flowers by Chloe.

A study on flowers by Jonah.

Some abstract art brought home today by Jonah.

A wonderful drawing by Jonah. Our family as fish.

Such a delicate flower.
I love the lotus flower. It shows that something beautiful can come out of the muddy murk.