Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recycle your garbage?

So, I read about this the other day and had to share.

Terracycle will donate 2 cents per granola bar wrapper, yogurt cup or drink pouch that you send in to a charity of your choice. I am planning on signing up the kid's school and make them a little money. This will also help to curb the amount of garbage we create with our insatiable appetite of granola bars!

Terracycle will take the items they collect and create new objects with the. Everyone loves the cute little lunch bag I have that is made from Juice pouches.

And after watching this: Turning Garbage into Gold all I can say is wow.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday.

Look, Look! I got on the muffin tin website!!! Sycamore Stirrings.

Here is my muffin tin from today. I really don't know why my camera is making everything so white. It has something to do with the flash but I don't know what.

My theme for today was animals. Freya had; ants on a log, dino-nuggets, goldfish, a tortilla snail and she cut the kitty out of cheese.

The next theme from Sycamore Stirrings is Halloween. I-can-not-wait!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Halloween Bats

Found the directions for these on All Free Crafts. Super easy and cheap.

They are made from egg cartons, painted black then the googly eyes are added for dramatic effect. I am not sure where we will hang these but where ever it is they will be cute!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hook 'em!

Yes, I said it. Next thing you know I'll be wearing the burnt orange and saying Y'all along with it.

We went to the Woman's soccer game, Longhorns vs. Aggies. It was exciting to say the least, well of what I was able to watch of the game. Between getting popcorn and making sure all the kids were staying close I watched a bit of the game.

Some of the girl scouts in Chloe's troop came along. They all earned a great burnt orange patch with a long horn on it. Perfect addition to the brownie vest! I think the girls were inspired as they were being a bit more aggressive at today's game.

We saw the cheer leaders and the long horn. It was so fun to see so much team spirit!

I was "this close" to getting a burnt orange soccer shirt but I just wasn't ready for that leap in my life yet. That would mean I was fully crossing over to the burnt orange atmosphere. I still get excited when I see someone wearing a yellow and green DUCKS shirt. Surprisingly I see quite a few of them around the Austin area, I always yell, "Go Ducks!" when I see one.

For now, get your pinky and pointer out, make those horns and yell, "Hook 'em!"

Friday, September 26, 2008

What a great day to go on a bike ride. It wasn't so hot but still warm enough to be in our shorts! We played in the sand for a bit and waited for the sprinkler to come on but I guess it is too cold for that now. Ya know, 85 is just too chilly for the Texans. They need it to be at least triple digits out to get wet!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

I know, it's not Monday but that's OK!

Today's theme is shapes. We have circles, hearts, rectangles, ovals, triangles, stars and even a diamond. The tomato juice can is in the shape if a cylinder!

There is a great website where these all started here at Sycamore stirrings. Lots of other muffin tin ideas here!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Freya decided to take a few pictures today. Here is a picture of Suki and me. Suki likes to lay under my desk when I sit at the computer. As a matter of fact, her head is on my toes as I type...

And here is one of me. She lined me up perfectly in the camera!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Watercolor painting

Freya would be absolutely thrilled if we had painting or play dough time every day. Today I broke out the water colors and gave her a little lesson.

Items you need:
paper towel
small glass of water
water color paint box
assortment of brushes
thick paper card stock will work for this if you can't find water color paper

set up your table as shown.

Make sure that you wet your paper before painting and also your water color paints. I usually just run both under the tap water quickly.

First talk about how we dip our brush in the water, dab it on the paper towel then put it in the paint box. This will help to keep your paint box from quickly becoming brown.

Then they can paint away. Usually when they start they like to push the brush down and scribble like they would with crayons. It is pretty important to point out that we pull the brush instead of pushing the brush so that we don't ruin the bristles.

Then to change colors, we always put the brush back into the water, dab it on the paper towel then get our new color.

It may seem complicated but my 3 year old Freya was very happy to do each step. And she was delighted when I pointed out that if we pull the brush we can make lines!

We haven't talked much about what happens when we mix the colors. That is next!

My favorite book about painting is Paint Day, Bing! We love this because he paints with water colors and they we're always reminding him Don't Spill the water Bing! I love how the water gets dirtier and dirtier at each page.

We had a great soccer weekend!

Chloe had her first goal this Saturday! I can't believe I missed it. I was at a conference and not only did I miss her first goal EVER but she scored twice! Talk about making a mom feel the guilt.

Jonah had a game on Sunday and made 3 goals. He was great and really worked well with the team. After he made 2 goals, he was kind of hanging back and not pushing up. When he was subbing out he told me that he wanted to give some of the other kids a chance to score. How sweet is that?

Here are Freya and Raita on the sidelines.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Freya caught a lizard. It's missing it's tail and is tiny but amazingly still alive. She had it in the house and was hiding it in her pudgy little hands. I told her to take it outside and she pitched a fit because she really wants to show Chloe. So we put it in a jar with holes in the lid. We also had to feed it grass. We read Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse last night and I am wondering if she thinks it is the magic lizard in the book. HMMMMMM

And on to pumpkins and baking.
My dad use to always make us pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They were the absolute best cookies. You just make your standard CCC and then add half a can of pumpkin to the batter. I saw this recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. Chloe really wanted to take a picture of the batter. It looks pretty disgusting but I am telling you, these are better than pumpkin pie.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


My son has been keeping his teeth for the past month or so. For some reason he has just been losing them like mad. I think he lost 3 in one week and very effortlessly. He would just be sitting there, tilt his head into his open hand and then hand me a tooth.

Here is his stockpile of teeth. I am not sure what his plans are for them. Is he setting up the ultimate tooth fairy trap? It's hard to say considering he is almost 10 and is on the cusp of not believing.

He saw me reading about this Tooth Fairy Jar. Maybe he'll want to try it out this time. It would save the tooth fairy from trying to find every single loose tooth under his pillow before his eyelids pop open. If the tooth fairy blows it this time, she is getting a good ass kicking. The tooth fairy has been able to stay incognito this long she better do a good job keeping in stealth mode.

If he chooses to use the jar this time, I just hope the jar isn't filled with battery acid. Hopefully the incentive of big money keeps him in check. What does one get when they offer the tooth fairy 6 teeth in one night?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mural Complete!

Mural is done!

What a huge sigh of relief. I hate the fact that I can't just hang out and get stuff finished. But I guess that is the way it is when you have kids.

After many trips and my brother's help it is finally done.

We added two buildings to the left of the mural as well as the Clock from the It's a Small World Ride. And down below there is a little guy that was taken from another one of Mary Blair's paintings. There will be no doubt when walking into this room as to where the picture came from. Oh, and see if you can find the hidden mickey ears.

It's kinda hard to get a picture because it takes up an entire the room.
Again, here is the original I went off of.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zilker Botanical Gardens

This was the last trip we made before Uncle Brian had to leave for Portland. There is supposed to be a display of dinosaurs but they had to take them down because if IKE. A few were up but most were sleeping somewhere else and we didn't get to see them.

While we missed the dinos, it was worth the trip to smell the fragrant flowers.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday we all went fishing. It was kind of windy but we did manage to catch a few fish. Raita and Chloe caught a blue gill.

While we were dealing with that catch, we heard Jonah yelling. He caught a small mouthed bass all on his own! Both fish were too small too keep but it was fun.

Even Freya had a chance fishing. She was sad that she didn't get to catch a fish.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Today we went kayaking with Uncle Brian.

It wasn't too hot, about 93 or so. That definitely made the breeze appreciated. Brian and Jonah handled the two man pretty well while Freya sat between my legs on the single.

Last time we went, I had Jonah to help me. Needless to say, it was a bit more difficult for me this time around without his help!

We saw lots of wild life; Blue Herons, turtles, ducks and the occasional fish jumping out of the water. Can you find the turtle and the heron in the last picture?