Thursday, September 18, 2008


My son has been keeping his teeth for the past month or so. For some reason he has just been losing them like mad. I think he lost 3 in one week and very effortlessly. He would just be sitting there, tilt his head into his open hand and then hand me a tooth.

Here is his stockpile of teeth. I am not sure what his plans are for them. Is he setting up the ultimate tooth fairy trap? It's hard to say considering he is almost 10 and is on the cusp of not believing.

He saw me reading about this Tooth Fairy Jar. Maybe he'll want to try it out this time. It would save the tooth fairy from trying to find every single loose tooth under his pillow before his eyelids pop open. If the tooth fairy blows it this time, she is getting a good ass kicking. The tooth fairy has been able to stay incognito this long she better do a good job keeping in stealth mode.

If he chooses to use the jar this time, I just hope the jar isn't filled with battery acid. Hopefully the incentive of big money keeps him in check. What does one get when they offer the tooth fairy 6 teeth in one night?

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sue said...

We always did the tooth in a glass of water thing. Under the pillow never made sense to me. Also, putting the loot in water limits you to coins (no bills), which is just an added advantage!