Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oh Yeah, it's Soccer Time again.

Time to get up at the crack of dawn and stuff the kid's feet into those super tight shin guards and socks, then try to get the whole monstrosity into stiff leather cleats.

Chloe seems to have fun but who knows as anything that takes effort doesn't seem like fun for her. Especially since it starts before she is usually out of bed in the morning.

Jonah really puts in the effort, I worry about him keeling over from heat stroke because he plays for most of the game. Amazingly he is totally fine and gets pretty mad at me if I suggest he take a break. Seriously, a mom knows nothing more than a 9 year old boy.

Today we also went downtown and visited a ballet studio. The girls had some fun trying out some classes as well as rubbing elbows with part of the cast from the Nutcracker. We also had a chance to see a snippet of Not Afraid of the Dark. The dancers were all in black costumes except for certain parts of their costumes which were illuminated by a black light. It looks pretty good and we may go and see the full production some time. Freya was able to get out on stage for the first part of the performance. By the way, Freya doesn't like to be in the spot light at all, can't you tell??

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