Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hook 'em!

Yes, I said it. Next thing you know I'll be wearing the burnt orange and saying Y'all along with it.

We went to the Woman's soccer game, Longhorns vs. Aggies. It was exciting to say the least, well of what I was able to watch of the game. Between getting popcorn and making sure all the kids were staying close I watched a bit of the game.

Some of the girl scouts in Chloe's troop came along. They all earned a great burnt orange patch with a long horn on it. Perfect addition to the brownie vest! I think the girls were inspired as they were being a bit more aggressive at today's game.

We saw the cheer leaders and the long horn. It was so fun to see so much team spirit!

I was "this close" to getting a burnt orange soccer shirt but I just wasn't ready for that leap in my life yet. That would mean I was fully crossing over to the burnt orange atmosphere. I still get excited when I see someone wearing a yellow and green DUCKS shirt. Surprisingly I see quite a few of them around the Austin area, I always yell, "Go Ducks!" when I see one.

For now, get your pinky and pointer out, make those horns and yell, "Hook 'em!"

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