Monday, September 01, 2008

Yesterday, Geni and I did the Human Race. Freya took some pictures of me in my shirt before the race. It was long and hot (I think it was about 100F when we started running) but surprisingly doable. Everyone had to wear these red shirts because the race number is printed on it. When we were up on a hill and looked out ahead, the mass of people made it seem like a sea of red. It was creepy to see 13000 people in red and very difficult to find your running buddy! Austin came in 2nd for the fastest running time out of the 25 cities that participated.

After running, we had a few beers and listened to Ben Harper for a bit. Like I was telling Geni, it would have been better if every song didn't have a 5 minutes jam session at the end. Maybe if I were tokin' it up like the crowd (the smell indicated that most were), it would have been a much better concert. My favorite part of it was that the stage was right in front of the Capital Building and that Ben Harper played so many different instruments.

Raita and I watched Sicko when I got back home. It is very eye-opening. Let's hope more American's wake up and see how bad the Health Care System is here. I love the part of the movie where Michael points out that the US already has some Socialist programs (library, schools, cheap mail, etc) and those systems work beautifully. I just wonder if people are afraid of Soylent Green happening if Health Care became Free and Universal. I wish we were given the facts instead of the falsities presented by the politicians.

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