Thursday, February 05, 2009

Run? Run!

I had to talk myself into going for a run today. Sometimes I just don't feel like it. But the weather was great, the kids were all in school, I really needed to run so I got dressed. I told myself just two miles. Two miles isn't really worth it for me to change clothes for. I have been running on the weekends with a friend and we go 6-7 miles. However, 2 miles is better than 0 miles.

So, I change into shorts, got my music on and headed out. Suki couldn't go today because she had her shots and they recommended she take the day off. The vets did comment on her muscles and how athletic she is. That made me feel good, atleast someone is benefiting from my running.

I'm trudging along on my run and I get to that point where if I turn, it will take me back home and will make it a two mile run. If I keep going on the trail, it will turn the run into about four miles. The great thing about running is that once you get out there, your blood starts pumping, the music is making you feel happy, all you have to think about is, "right, left, right, left" and the weather is undeniably influencing the need to keep going.

I miss the turn and keep on going down the trail. About 5 minutes after my decision to keep going I start to second guess myself but it would be silly to turn back. Ten minutes after my missed turn, I am half way done and now happy I kept running. I am feeling pretty good but this runners high only lasts so long.

Now, I did run 6 miles Sunday, took a spin class on Tuesday then I did some weights yesterday, fatiguing my legs to no end. Needless to say, when I'm about three quarters of a mile from home I'm really having to force my legs to go. I pull out the big guns to help me run, music is my friend. Even with my legs screaming, I can always muster up the energy to make them go a little higher if the Ting Tings are playing. I dare you to pop this on your I-pod and NOT pump your fist in the air every time she yells, "Hey!"

And if the Ting Tings are at SXSW again this year, you won't be able to keep me away.

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