Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Felt Easter Eggs

I had so much fun making these felt hearts for Valentines, I thought I would make some eggs for Easter.

The hearts stayed up way too long because I loved to look at them.

This is an easy and fast craft.

Cut out your egg shape from two pieces of felt. If you would like ric-rac or ribbon as the stripes, glue down first, making sure they area bit longer than the egg for ease of sewing. Cut an extra length of ribbon for the hanger. Once the ribbon has tried, sew around your egg (sandwich the hanger of ribbon between the two pieces of felt and sew in while sewing around edges). Leave about an inch open to stuff with filling. You can cut off the extra ribbon at this time.

Have your child lightly stuff with filling. You can call this fine motor skill work or sweat shop labor. Whatever the PC term is at the moment. While your child is stuffing, work on sewing your next egg.

Once they are all filled, finish sewing the opening closed.

You can finish embellishing with hot glue and any little items you wish. I chose some fun roses, sequins and bows.

Hang on door knobs, pictures or anywhere you need a little holiday spirit!

I can see making these for many different holidays, shamrocks, ornaments, pumpkins etc.

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iMother2.0 said...

what a super cute craft! making me wish i had a sewing machine :)