Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanks Grammy! We love the jammies!

Do you think I can get them to wear these to visit Santa?


sue said...

We were at the mall on Thursday picking up photos and See's lollipops, and we saw tons of kids in their jammies. Between Santa and The Season, it seems jammies in public are all the rage.

mfetrader said...

I know people read this.. why has no one posted a comment? I can't help it. You have many talents and this it seems is just another one. I sat here intending to look at pictures and read a few blogs but have managed to read and keep reading for the most part of an hour. I love this. I will be back for more and I DO leave comments. Who could resist? Love you.. Aunti Sue

Jennifer said...

Well, we're off to Santa's tomorrow. Maybe I can get the jammies off them long enough to wash before then!