Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We bought these antlers yesterday to wear when we go caroling. Since then Freya hasn't taken them off. She has also been putting the other pair we have on everything that will sit still. All her stuffed animals have worn them, they pair nicely with a Santa hat and if the cats would sit still long enough I am sure they would look adorable too.

If you decide to purchase some antlers to add to the holiday spirit, might I suggest the jingle bell-LESS version?


Mia's Mama said...

what a sweetie!!!! how DO you catch her sleeping? if I tried to do that as often as you do, Mia would not only wake up, but be in a horrible mood.

I'll keep the jingle bells in mind ;)

Mia's taken to wearing an elf hat...with ears!

Jennifer said...

With two noisy older siblings, Freya sleeps like a rock.

I guess they get use to in inutero cause she never really had a huge problem sleeping through the chaos.