Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a Hoe Down!

We're not in Oregon any more......

Jonah has been dreading this day for weeks. Both he and his partner came to me after school last week with their heads down and asked if they could be sick for the Hoe Down.

They don't seem to enjoy it, especially with all the parents taking so many darn pictures. And they were forced to hold hands on top of the whole thing. What we put the kids though!

The school nurse has been known to give "cootie shots" to the kids before the Hoe Down. I guess this way they have no excuses as to why they can't promenade with their partner.

Do you see the faces Jonah is making?

Chloe on the other hand had fun. She was laughing, smiling and didn't seem to mind dancing at all. Her partner knew every move, he was a character.
Here is Jonah doing his dance:


iMother2.0 said...

I remember learning how to square dance in elementary school, too. I rather enjoyed it, but then we didn't have to have a bazillion of parents snapping away, either :)

LOVE his look :)

brian slaughter said...

I can't blame him for disliking it so much. I hated this in middle school. I had the sweatiest hands every time I danced.