Thursday, March 05, 2009

McKinney Falls

This is a fabulous place to spend the day. Perfect for the day trip or even afternoon trip. We went for a hike and saw the biggest tree in Texas, I swear! Then sat under what they call the rock shelter.

There was a family turtles that caught Raita's eye while we were walking.

Suki had fun but she needs to learn to be calm on the leash. She would rather run with the kids, so I'm constantly telling her settle down and be still while she struggles to be with them. I hope she grows up soon!

Raita and Jonah had fun jumping over the grooves in the rock that the river formed. Look at that picture of Jonah, it is almost as if he is flying.

I always freak out when Raita does daring things with Jonah. I guess that is the job of the mother though. Biting nails, forever, infinity.

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