Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Farm Animals Bite

We went to this super cute and sweet farm in our neighborhood.

Freya loved the animals, she was even able to mount the pony on her own! Even if she wasn't on the saddle, atleast she was facing the right way.

And if you're wondering, the saddle blanket is the Texas Flag. Just pointing that out for you....

She held the bunny, gave the donkey a kiss and was loving the goats until one decided to chomp on her finger. She is fine, nothing major, just a little shell shocked I think.

She was great at swinging the lasso around, I think she could make a career out of it.


jw said...

Holy smokes! I did see that fiesty goat take a bite. Yikes! She is waay tougher than my two would have been.

iMother2.0 said...

How FUN! Well, not the donkey bite! I had to learn the hard way when I was little....little fingers look like worms to ostriches!