Thursday, April 02, 2009

What a day

I didn't do the dishes. I didn't do the laundry. My dining table is a wreck because I am making and . In an effort to finish these projects I went to the fabric store to pick up some fill. After having the fabric lady cut small pieces of fabric for me, I found I left my wallet at home. Crap.

Went to watch Chloe practice her musical and 2, almost 3 children fainted on stage. Not a good sign for this evening's performance.

Freya was putting the finishing cheese on the top of the casserole. I went to do something or another for a minute. I left her for a bit too long as there was about 2 inches of cheese when I got back.

To add to all of that, Suki ate a loaf of bread that was on the counter. That dog.

Anyway, I am going to go and do the dishes and start the laundry now. Maybe I'll even go back and get the fill for my projects....

1 comment:

iMother2.0 said...

Projects: SUPER COOL! You're so crafty!
Sorry you left your wallet at home..ugh after she'd cut custom pieces for you...that just sucks.

Musical: um, why did they faint? Do kids faint often?

Cheese: it looks super yummmmy...good thing you got the cheese at Costco ;p