Wednesday, July 15, 2009

City Museum Part two

Thank you City Museum for seeing my post. We love you! Here are a few more pictures from the wonderful day we spent last week.

Raita with is mom and Harvey

Freya traversing the pool of water
I know this picture could have come out super cute but this is what I got...
Sorry but being the claustrophobic and acrophobic person that I am, I tend to stay on the ground and out of tight places. But I can take pictures!
Jonah in a tight place that you won't find me in
Freya finding her way down a tight place
Looking up from the cavers. Not sure what these use to be but they sure are magnificent to look at!
The ball pit is a riot, they are big rubber balls, not those little plastic ones found in your local Fast Food place.

Great iron work that I actually climbed up!

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