Tuesday, July 14, 2009

St Louis City Museum

This is probably our favorite place to go when we visit St Louis.

Such an artistically fun place to spend the day.

When people ask us what the museum is, I find it hard to describe. There are tunnels, 7 story slides, caverns, giant whales, sculptures to climb in and on, a skateboardless park. Things pop out at you from nowhere and lead to somewhere. A school bus and airplane appear to hang off the building but are completely safe to climb in. It is basically the epitome of the most elaborate playground taken from a Dr Seuss book that is roaming around a child's mind put into reality with recycled steel, wood and the help of very talented adults.

Freya in a tunnel just bellow a ceiling with Grandma Norika following. You just never know where the tunnels will lead you.
Hall of mirrors

Giant....Hamster wheel?

Skateboardless park, even Raita had to try his hand at it.

There are a few artificats from the City which is where I guess the name comes from

Giant SlideIn this picture are Chloe in the thin white slide, Freya on the big white slide and Jonah running amok.

Jonah in a giant birdcage? Too bad he found his way out....
Raita and Freya walking on water:
Way more pictures to come in round two....

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Anonymous said...

We're glad you enjoyed the museum and we hope to see you back again soon.

-City Museum