Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Organized Craft

My friend Geni came over one day and put together an IKEA shelf for me. I could have done it but hey she offered, she says she LIKES to put IKEA crapola together. I had tons of organizing to do so I called her on it. She came over and put the darn thing together and even screwed it into the closet wall for me. I seriously owe her a few drinks or 10.

Anyway, that gave me tons of time to organize the many craft items that the kids and I have.

And now when they want to do fun things like these cool Count Down sticks to keep track of how many days until Grandpa Steve gets here, it isn't a problem.

Everything is labeled so they can't tell me it isn't to be found. And it is super easy to figure out where it belongs. Pom-poms are here, glue is here, glitter is there, coloring books are here. Little by little, this will be every closet in my house. That is if Geni is still available.

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