Saturday, January 15, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Here we are again, another week. Last week went well with the exception of the butternut squash lasagna. That is just a bad idea all together. This week, my husband is starting a "biggest loser" contest. The dinners will be low cal from now on. The breakfasts and lunches are planned for the kids.

Most of these recipes are great but I do change some of the ingredients to make them healthier. For example you can substitute whole wheat flour for white flour, brown rice for white rice, skip the butter, add more veggies, use yogurt instead of sour cream etc.

Breakfast Tacos - I love this article on Breakfast Tacos from Homesick Texan.

Bagels with cream cheese

Eggs in a nest

Green smoothies

Tortilla wrap w/mini carrots and hummus and strawberries

Mini Pizzas on WW English muffins w/strawberries and popcorn - Huge win with this last week!

Chicken Muffins w/apples and popcorn

Egg Muffin Sandwich w/yogurt and cantelope

Garlic Salmon w/broccoli

Quinoa and black beans

Lentils and Spinach

Black Bean Tacos

Shrimp Kebabs
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Bake for snacks and lunch boxes:

Sweet Potato slices - not sure why, but the kiddos love to snack on these.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones - Haven't tried these yet but I think the kids will like them.

Popcorn -Pop a huge batch, then stick in small containers to be used in lunches.

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