Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My dad has been doing lots of stuff around the house for me. He has been working to put plywood up in my attic so I can store crap up there.

Then after Freya and I spent entirely too much time cleaning crap out of Jonah's room, he put this peg board up in there for me.

I think it will be great once we get all the little doo-dads up there, filled with crap. He also put these metal strips on the board so magnets can hold papers on it.

The word that Freya learned and used frequently while cleaning Jonah's room today was crap. The phrase of the day is "you betcha" courtesy of Grandpa Steve.

The idea for the pegboard bulletin board came from a few different places. Here is one:

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Mia's Mama said...

that peg board is super cool! as for the 'crap', thanks for the flash forward to what it'll be like here in a few years :) ahhhh siblings.