Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random items of cuteness.

I sent Freya up to her room to put away some of her discarded clothes. Yes, she is in that stage where she must change her outfits 3 times a day. We went through this with Chloe too....Anyway, she didn't clean anything up because she evidently was too tired. So was the cat, as I'm sure he did most of the work in her room.

And in case you're wondering what my 7 year old would like for Christmas, here you go.


Mia's Mama said...

i HEART chloe and don't want Mia to get into the changing so much a it inevitable with having a girl?
LoVe the cat! purr-fect (sorry, couldn't help the inner dork in me)

mfetrader said...

Ahhh.. another commenter.. great.. I love these pictures of Freya. I am not crazy about cats but it looks so happy all curled up on top of our little sweet one dreaming sweet dreams.. you know she is.. and seriously.. you make her work??? put her own clothes away.. ha.. ok.. I guess she is big enough to help.. but you worked her so hard she fell asleep!!! LOL Love you!!!