Sunday, June 21, 2009

Camping in Central Oregon

My dad drove us to central Oregon to visit with family.
We stayed at a camp site with my Aunt and Uncle while a few of my cousins, Grandmother and other Uncle came to visit.

I have many great memories playing with my cousins. This made it extremely sentimental to watch my kids play with my cousin's children.

My aunt and her youngest grandchild.

Freya and Macy playing around the lake.

Grandma and her three kids along with my three kids.
Grandpa Steve
Freya and Macy, only about a month apart.
A lizard Jonah made a home for.
My uncle and a couple of his sons around the campfire.

Chloe playing with the youngest
Freya and Chloe being little mothers to the baby.
Freya playing with two of her cousins.

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