Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Texas Flowers

This year the flowers are beautiful in my yard. When I planted the flowers, I tried to keep them as native as possible. Mainly because I hate to water everything all the time.

The purple bush is called Purple Sage. Some people refer to it as Texas Sage but I really think that is just the Texan's who refer to it as such. This is the most vibrant I have ever seen these flowers. So full of blumes, it's almost glaringly purple. And they smell like bubble gum!

The yellow bush is by far my favorite all along. It is called Yellow Bells.

We all know Black Eyed Susan, who new she was a Texan Native?

The sunflowers have finally opened up. They're always looking over the fence though.

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TeresaMDC said...

I love how freya is in almost every pic of the flowers. And I see she still has distast for clothes.