Monday, August 25, 2008

Freya is a fish. A slippery naked fish.

She can swim very well, and I am talking freestyle, no doggy paddling in our pool. Now she has taught herself to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve objects. I am pretty shocked that she is capable of doing this since her siblings didn't even want to get their faces wet until maybe age 5. Oh and to the comment, yes, she is the youngest. Freya turned 3 June 16th!

Today is the last day of summer vacation. I am ecstatic. Why our school district decided to start school on a Tuesday is beyond me. There must be some higher power watching us Round Rockers trying to hold it together for one more day. And all the Austin Mamas who are all ready in first-day-of-school bliss, you can go suck it.


DrRuth said...

holy shit that's impressive. Freya is your wee-est one, right? My 6.5 yr old is just now willing to submerge his face for a microsecond with much complainage afterwards. My 2.5 yr old took off her life vest, climbed into the pool via the ladder and sank to the bottom of the 4 ft pool, despite my loud suggestions to the contrary. Didn't phase her. I won't show her this video.

Oh - and enjoy first day tomorrow. 8-p

Jennifer said...

Yep, she is the youngest at age 3. Trust me, Freya did her share of sinking before she figured out how to float :)