Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Hair.

My wonderful husband seems to think he can pull this look off. Granted many people give him compliments and honestly, I like the look. However, imagine yourself on the bottom... This thing is all in your face suffocating you, making you inhale stray wisps of hair. And the pieces of this hairy mass that are not in your mouth or up your nose are ever so slightly brushing your face and tickling. It's enough to ruin what few intimate moments parents of 3 children may have.

To make matters worse I find his long dead hair in obvious and random places. They turn up in the shower drain, the floor when sweeping and tightly wound around the roll of the vacuum. There are usually long pieces floating in the pool, I find them in the yard when pulling weeds and every where in between. Some days the lint trap of the dryer is coated in a black hairy wad of nastiness. The worst place to find a long strand of hair is in that stir fry that tasted so good until you slowly pull a thick black piece from your mouth.

I finally drug him in yesterday. He put up a good fight, I actually had to drive him in because there is no way he would have done it on his own.

The hair was donated to locks of love and even his penny-pinching self can't complain because Great Clips gives you the cut for free if you donate your hair.

Don't be sad to see it go as the thing will be back atop Raita's head in 1-2 years.

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