Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yesterday we met with some friends, Geni and Natalie. Now that school has started, I can get back into my weekly running/bike riding regime. We usually meet at a trail that has a playground attached and run for 3 miles or so then let the girls play.

Yesterday after watching me struggle with Suki and the jog stroller, Geni offered to put Freya in her 2 seater and push both girls together. I only had to deal with Suki after that.

Let me just say that Geni is freakishly strong. I am not able to push that thing with 2 girls in there, let alone run while pushing it. Well, maybe if Godzilla were chasing me then I could muster the strength it takes to push 70 pounds of kid meat while running for my life. I offered to push it and bailed about 20 seconds into my turn. I was only able to help on the down hill sections. God I suck.

Here are the girls posing.

Thanks for the comments, I am so glad I have readers!

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