Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ghoulish Dish

I was asked to make some food for a friend's Halloween party. Because I love kitchy things, I was hoping to finally have a punch with a floating frozen hand or brain in it. But who owns punch bowls anymore? So, there goes that idea.

The edible eyeballs seem fun

mummy pizza

The Pear Witch Project is too good to pass up

and definitely some kind of cupcake but I can't decide

Dirt and worms (I'd do gummi worm instead)

or nasty spiders

There are so many options! I may have to have a theme of Halloween lunches all this month just to get my fix of punny food.


C-man and Mama said...

If only I had the time! I love all these punny foods and here is a link for some more!

The Melon Brain is awesome!

P.S. This is Andrea H.

C-man and Mama said...

Aha...just saw the Pizza Mummies so obviously you dont need the link...duh.