Thursday, October 02, 2008

I have a stress fracture....

How? I don't know, maybe my shoes were too tight and it couldn't handle running the 7 miles on Thursday. It was stressed even more the next day after pulling Freya behind my bike for who knows how long. Then I played an 80 minute soccer game on Sunday even though my foot hurt.

To add to that, I couldn't resist playing an indoor soccer game Tuesday. I told myself I would just go and watch the game, maybe play the first half. When I got there all the ladies were so happy because they only had 5 players for a 6v6 player game. I played the whole game with no break. Honestly, it's amazing this is the only thing hurting after all that.

I am sad as I am supposed to run a half marathon in November and I just joined a new indoor soccer team. Hopefully it will heal fast and I guess for now I will get my exercise in the pool, swimming boring old laps.

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