Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Come on! All the kids are eatin' it.

I have a butt load of cheerios in my cupboard from Costco. The kids won't eat cereal for breakfast so I had to do something with all these O's. Found this recipe for Cheerios muffins. Pretty easy and not too unhealthy, just follow these directions, sprinkle some extra O-love on top before baking and watch the kids scarf them down.

Freya's favorite part was mashing up the Cheerios in the beginning.

Unfortunately, this recipe only takes 2 cups of cereal so I made some not so healthy Cheerios Bars. Pretty much exactly like Rice Krispie treats with Cheerios instead of Krispies and I added a cup of raisins so that there is at least something good in there.

Good thing the O's are being eaten as I really didn't want to start grinding them up to add to meatloaf or something similarly disgusting.


Mia's Mama said...

YUM!!!!! did ya same me some?

Jennifer said...

I would bring the bars to the play group tomorrow but I bet I would be kicked out! Showing up with something not even remotely healthy and that's it, you get the ax :)