Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Science Wonders

Have you been wondering what the Girl Scouts do with the money earned from the cookies sales?

The girls earn badges by doing "try-its". If you look at the front of their vests, you will see lots of little triangles. Each one has a picture on it that represents the "Try-it" they earned. You have to "try" to do 4 of activities to earn each badge. This week the girls are earning their Science Wonders Try-it.

They made bubble solution, learned about magnets and static electricity.

Not only do they do fun things like this but Girl Scouts help the community. This Christmas, the girls went caroling at an assisted living home.

They get to have fun while they learn, bond with each other and make many happy memories.

Thank you for buying Girl Scout cookies!

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iMother2.0 said...

You're making me miss being a GS. I was so proud when I went from Brownie to Junior :)

I think Mia will love being a girl scout :)