Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jonah is 10!

Here is a picture from Jonah's real birthday. His party is this weekend, there will be laser tag to be gotten.

But we always do something special for the kids on their actual birthdays as well. So when we were at home, Raita made some chocolate mousse and we stuck a candle in it. Well, it didn't really stick in the mousse per say but it was still tasty!

I forgot to mention that he is 10. Yes TEN ! When did this happen? He informed me this morning that he only has 7 more inches to go and he will be as tall as me. I bet he is as tall as my mom already........Just saying, mom.

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Mia's Mama said...

happy happy birthday, Jonah!!!
Another YUMMY treat...licking the screen over here :)