Thursday, January 15, 2009

paper matters

My father, being the smart allec that he is, sent me a Christmas present. It was sent UPS. It was wrapped very nicely with a huge bow and pristine paper. I was really excited, wondering what it could be. This is what he sent.

It is well known to my house guests that I skimp on the TP. Yep, I get the cheapest stuff around. Whatever is on sale, single ply, straight from the tree, whatever. I don't care. My ass isn't as sensitive as the rest of the world's apparently.

I hadn't really thought much about it even after BOTH my father-in-law and my own father made special trips to the grocery store to purchase their own brand of TP. I just chalked this up to getting old and being use to things the way you like them.

It was quite shocking though when we arrived home from our week long trip visiting Grammy and Poppie. The first thing that each of the kids said was, "OHHHH, why is our toilet paper so hard? Why can't we have soft paper like Grammy and Poppie?" Even after 14 hours of ass numbing riding in the car, they could still tell that ours was harder than the rest. They didn't complain even about the rest stop TP, only about our own household's.

Maybe next time I'll splurge and get the 2 ply.


sue said...

I used to be like you: TP was purchased almost entirely on it's monetary label, with a nod to the environment when price allowed.
Then my husband informed me that his bum deserved better. I say he treats his bum like a king. But if he's willing to pay the difference (and he is), why would I gripe?

jw said...

That is stinkin hilarious! I agree with the fam., paper does matter.

Mia's Mama said...

ohhhh it sooooo matters! Our is super soft. Let me know when you make the change, until then it's byop :)